Our Menus

We are open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and evening dining.  

Our dishes are gluten free with just a tiny few exceptions but we can easily adapt and substitute ingredients if we are made aware.  

Breakfast Menu 


Lots of freshly cooked tasty choices with gluten free options too ....


Lunch Menu 


A great lunch should never be rushed and we cook all our dishes to order. It may take slightly longer ... but it is definitely worth it!

Evening Menu 

Evening Dining

We only use local, seasonal produce for our dishes and the majority of our food is gluten free and coeliac friendly. We pride ourselves on being flexible and are happy to adapt any of our dishes for special dietary needs if we are given a little notice.

Sunday Lunch Menu 

Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunchtime is a great opportunity to catch up with family or friends. We only use local, seasonal produce.

Don't forget we always have a specials menu too....

To book a table call us on: 01308 456618

Drinks Menu 

Choose from a wide range of specialty teas, coffees, soft drinks, spirits, beers, ciders from around the world. 



Wine List 

Choose from a range of lovely reds, whites, rose and sparkly fizzes  from around the world.